Posture Perfect

These days it’s so easy to have bad posture. From tablets and cell phone where your head is bent forward, to lazy boys that don’t give you back support, and shoes that don’t support the arches of your feet it’s easy to develop neck pain, lower back pain, and rounded shoulders.  If your posture is bad, don’t despair! With some mindfulness and some time, you can make it better. Here are some helpful tips for improving your posture:

1. Try to keep the muscles of your stomach nice and tight. Imagine “sucking in” your stomach all day and you’ll tighten up your core. Working with your back muscles and your core is what allows you to stand up straight.

2. When you’re sitting in a chair, make sure to use the back rest. That gives your back muscles the proper support they need to stay strong.

3. Imagine there is a string attached to the very top of your head pulling you straight up towards the sky. If you can focus on that string pulling you up you’ll have less of a tendency to stick your head out or hunch your shoulders.

It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3! All changes are about starting small and being consistent.