Top Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Your Posture


First and foremost, see a chiropractor! They are biomechanics specialists and are masters of posture and alignment. First, find a chiropractor! Only a chiropractor can realign the vertebra of the neck, which house the most important neurology in the spinal cord! Tuck your chin back like you’re making a double chin- most people don’t use […]

Top Ten Things Poor Posture Does


The next time you wonder about how important posture is I want you to find a coffee shop and find a place to sit. Watch the people coming in and out. Are their fists in a tight ball, are they leaning towards someone else, are their arms crossed? Is someone’s head down and their shoulders […]

Staying Healthy This Winter


Want to stay healthy this season? Here are three very easy things you can do to stay healthy for the holidays 1.Take Vit. D, 2,000 I.U. at the very least. Sure, your skin makes Vitamin D but almost no one makes enough of it. The darker your skin is, the melanocytes you have.  The more […]

How To Get Over The Winter Blues


Many people suffer from something called seasonal affective disorder, otherwise known as SAD,  this time of year.  Your body wants to sleep more and do less when there is less natural light.  Many people also get depressed from the lack of light. You release more melatonin, which is a hormone that puts you to sleep.  […]

Luge or Skeleton


I went out to the OTC to learn and see what the world’s best had to offer in terms of treatment. I wanted to see the best of best athletes and feel their energy and their general vibe while they get ready to compete. In my journey, I learned something much greater. It all started […]

How Diet Can Reduce Your Risk of Inflammatory Disease


Is inflammation a key to your problem? Until recently, inflammation was associated with health conditions such as arthritis, sore joints, and broken bones. New research is showing that the effects of inflammation are far more wide spread. Research is showing inflammation may be one of the key contributors to diseases, such as heart disease, stroke, […]

Bad Habits That Are Damaging Your Spine


Many of our daily activities can affect our bodies and our spines in ways we do not even realize. The way you stand, the way you sleep, and even the way you talk on your phone can wreak havoc on your spine. Here are the top two bad habits that Dr. Veera Gupta and Dr. […]

Dr John and Dr Veera Discuss Perfect Posture


Perfect posture prevents pain! Your posture is an indication of your spine and joint health. Imbalanced posture can often lead to painful conditions. Dr. John and Dr. Veera encourage you to maintain good posture before you are in pain. Vertebral Subluxations Poor posture is a leading cause of vertebral subluxations (misalignment of the spine). Vertebral […]

Posture Perfect


These days it’s so easy to have bad posture. From tablets and cell phone where your head is bent forward, to lazy boys that don’t give you back support, and shoes that don’t support the arches of your feet it’s easy to develop neck pain, lower back pain, and rounded shoulders.  If your posture is […]

The Pain Game


  People have a tendency to assume that the location of their pain is the location of the problem. This makes sense if your hand hurts after slamming it in the car door or if you twisted your ankle and now it hurts. Other times, the pain is coming from a source far from the […]