Staying Healthy This Winter

Want to stay healthy this season?

Here are three very easy things you can do to stay healthy for the holidays

1.Take Vit. D, 2,000 I.U. at the very least. Sure, your skin makes Vitamin D but almost no one makes enough of it. The darker your skin is, the melanocytes you have.  The more melanocytes you have, the more Vitamin D you are making but in the winter, there is just not enough sun to make enough. In fact, even in the summer most people do not make enough.  Vitamin D is extremely important to your immune system and it encourages the absorption and metabolism of calcium and phosphorous, which then build bone.

Data collected from the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), USA found that 9% (7.6 million) of children across the USA, was vitamin D deficient (defined as less than 15 ng/mL of blood), while another 61 percent, or 50.8 million, was vitamin D insufficient 15 to 29 ng/mL

2. If you feel sick, Gargle with salt water.  Salt kills over 50% of the world’ bacteria because they can’t live in a salt environment.  It also exfoliates the throat and helps to clear all of the mucous out of it.Just like you exfoliate the outside of your skin with scrubs, the inside needs some scrubbing too!

3. Take a probiotic that IS NOT IN YOGURT.  Yogurt is a mucous-producer and it is a great environment for bacteria, both good and bad. It also stuffs your sinuses up.  You want to take acidophilus that is not in dairy products.