Top Ten Things You Can Do to Improve Your Posture

First and foremost, see a chiropractor! They are biomechanics specialists and are masters of posture and alignment.

  1. First, find a chiropractor! Only a chiropractor can realign the vertebra of the neck, which house the most important neurology in the spinal cord!
  2. Tuck your chin back like you’re making a double chin- most people don’t use the deep cervical flexor muscles that should hold their heads back. this is especially true when texting.
  3. Pick up your rib cage and don’t collapse your chest into itself
  4. Some people stick their butts out and others thrust their pelvis too far forward. Find a neutral position for your pelvis by doing bridges and pelvic floor exercises
  5. Breathe like a baby. Inflate your belly as best as you can. Try not to breathe into your chest or let your shoulders go up when taking a deep breath in. This will ignite your diaphragm to
  6. Do child’s pose to stretch our ligaments in the back and feet that don’t normally get stretched
  7. Reach your arms up to the ceiling while keeping your heels firmly on the ground. Breathe in and reach for the ceiling. Stretching for less than 18.1 seconds doesn’t really do anything for you so breathe and stretch for at least three good, deep breathes
  8. Stretch your psoas muscle as often as you can. This strong muscle is a psi teal stabilizer located on the front of your spine. It is responsible for a great deal of the back pain chronic sitters face. Anyone seated in a car or at a computer for long periods of time has a tendency to tighten up this muscle. Whenever seated and bored, especially in the commercial break on TV do the runner’s stretch. It’s like taking a knee in football. Once you are in this position, bring your arms up and reach for the ceiling. Then bend away from the knee on the ground while also pushing your pelvis forward
  9. Do wall angels. Press your back to the wall and get your palms facing away from the wall. The back of your hands must be in contact with the wall at all times
  10. Do pigeon pose. This is a very effective hip opener

Almost all of these can be done in less than ten minutes a day!