A Note from Dr. Veera

Dear Friend,

I welcome you and look forward to meeting you in person.

I already call you friend, because my foremost concern is truly for your well-being. If you are a new patient or thinking of becoming one, then by way of introducing myself, I invite you to listen to a brief story that I heard long ago.

You will see that, in a way, it is connected with my own story.

It is a story that may just help change another life…
“Learning from Old Men and Starfish…”
Wisdom that works for all, if we really listen…

At the first glimmer of light of dawn, a young man walked at the edge of the seashore. There had been a storm the night before, and he knew this would be a good morning to find seashells.

The young man could barely make out a figure of a very old man ahead of him. He watched as the old man bent down to pick up an object from the sand, and tossed it into the surf. As he got closer, and the light of morning began to turn the sand pink, he noticed that the old man was picking up starfish that had been tossed up on the beach by the storm.
Nearing the old man he introduced himself, and said, “Excuse me, but there are thousands of starfish stranded here on the beach. You can’t possibly make a difference!”
The old man smiled and looked at him, then picked up another starfish. He tossed it back in the sea.

“I certainly made a difference to that one, didn’t I, son?”
Now let me tell you my story…

Back then, I was a prospective law student working at a prestigious law firm in Boston. But I started getting terrible headaches, and dizziness; sometimes I would randomly pass out. I was terrified. One day, I woke up right before hitting a divider in the middle of the road. I became afraid to drive or go home by myself because I never knew when I would pass out again. Even the neurologists had no idea what was wrong!

And this is where someone made a difference for me…
A friend of mine convinced me to give their doctor — a chiropractor — a try. This new doctor did an exam, took some films, and then ‘adjusted’ my spine. It worked so well for me, and I became so impressed with the other ‘miracles’ I saw in his office, that I switched career paths and went to chiropractic school myself. To make my own difference…
Volunteering my services as a chiropractor in Honduras

Now let me tell you about Fernando, a young boy in Honduras, where I spent some time helping people as a chiropractor. His upper back had been hurting him and he couldn’t really turn his head to the right. After I adjusted him, he started giggling, turning his head easily from side to side. He jumped off my table, and I went back to work. Fifteen minutes later, I looked up from my table to see Fernando coming back up the hill. This time, he wasn’t alone. He brought his whole family to get adjusted.

It’s strange how life is, because now all sorts of people come to see me with their headaches and dizziness. Also they come to me with their carpal tunnel, neck pain, whiplash from car accidents, among many other health issues.

For each one, I am glad to be able to make a difference. I hope you will allow me to make a difference for you!

Call us at 732-528-9090 today to schedule an appointment. We can help you.

Veera Gupta, D.C.