Meet Dr. Veera Gupta

Wall Chiropractor, Dr. Veera Gupta is a licensed Chiropractor serving the Manasquan, Brielle, Point Pleasant & Wall community.

Dr. Veera has been freeing people from pain in the clinic in Manasquan, NJ.

As a Chiropractor with experience, Dr. Gupta is committed to promoting optimal health and well being of patients.

Dr. Gupta uses a “whole person approach”.This approach to wellness means looking for underlying causes of any disturbance or disruption (which may or may not be causing symptoms at the time) and make whatever interventions and lifestyle adjustments that would optimize the conditions for normal function.

Using this unique approach, Dr. Gupta is able to help you to accelerate and/or maintain your journey to good health.

Meet Dr. John Volpe

Wall Chiropractor, Dr. John Volpe is a graduate of Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport Iowa. Palmer is known as the Fountainhead; it is where chiropractic began. While at Palmer, Dr. Volpe focused on sports injury and a whole body wellness approach in order to better achieve and restore one’s optimum health. While at Palmer Dr. Volpe was trained in several state-of-the-art adjusting techniques including Palmer Package, Diversified, Toggle Recoil, Gostead, Thompson, Activator, and Flexion-Distraction.

Dr. John Volpe was initially introduced to Chiropractic care after injuring his lower back cliff diving in Wyoming. Prior to being treated, he spent six months with debilitating pain and neurological dysfunction. Finally, he went to go see a chiropractor who was able to correct the problem without the use of medications.

Dr. John Volpe graduated from the University of Wyoming with a Bachelor in Science. While there he played on the University of Wyoming Men’s Rugby team and helped lead them to the National Championship game. After college, he went to Australia to play competitive rugby. Once in Australia, Dr. Volpe started to receive regular chiropractic care which helped manage his low back pain and maintain better overall health. Dr. Volpe was so impressed with his body’s response to care that he decided to become a chiropractor himself.

What patients say about Optimum Health Chiropractic

“I was having severe headaches. When I asked you to treat me. After just one appointment, and following the exercises you gave me, I am headache free.”

Lois, Ocean Township, age 64

“My shoulder was frozen for two years. After you worked on it, I could do dives again!”

Bob, Wall Township, age 53

Chiropractic Services

We have expertise in treating a wide range of conditions, including:

Headaches, Back and Neck pain, Sports injury, Muscle weakness, Sciatica,

Auto Injury & Whiplash, Numbness & Tingling, and other Chronic Pain Problems.

Find out how we can help you.


  • * Chiropractic Adjustments
  • * Active Release Techniques
  • * Proper Postural Ergonomics
  • * Physiotherapy
  • * Cold Laser Therapy
  • * Nutritional Counseling
  • * Pediatric Chiropractic
  • * Pregnancy
  • * X-Ray & SEMG


  • We accept most insurance plans including:
    • Aetna plans
    • Amerihealth plans
    • Blue Cross Blue Shield Plans
    • Cigna PPO
    • Health Republic
    • Qualcare plans
    • United Healthcare PPO
    • Iron Workers Local Plan


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Find Us

  • 2517 Route 35, Building L, Suite 102
  • Manasquan, NJ, 08736
  • Local directions:
  • We are located across the street from A’s Hardware or behind the Blue Peach Cafe

Are You Posture Perfect?

These days it’s so easy to have bad posture. From tablets and cell phone where your head is bent forward, to lazy boys that don’t give you back support, and shoes that don’t support the arches of your feet it’s easy to develop neck pain, lower back pain, and rounded shoulders.

If your posture is bad, don’t despair!

With some mindfulness and some time, you can make it better.

Dr. Veera has the tips to show you how to use your technology safely.


The Latest News in Chiropractic Health from Dr. Veera & Dr. John

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